About Us

Vision, Mission, and Values

“A Passion for Jesus and His Purposes on the Earth”

Vision Statement

We want to be “A church of real people, transformed by the love of Jesus, bringing His Kingdom to the ends of the earth.”


At Antioch, we believe that the local church is the hope of the world. We believe that the model for church in Acts 2:42-47 is what church is supposed to look like. The main way we do this is through Life Groups. Find out more about Life Groups.

Core Values

Core values help guide our behavior and actions.  We believe that Jesus’ values could easily be recognized by what he spent the majority of his time teaching and doing.  Our core values as a church are:

Enduring Passion – Our passion is relentless, unwavering, consistent.  Some people might see us and say that our devotion and zeal for Jesus won’t last.  But we know that God’s love for us is everlasting and His love fuels our passion without end.  Passion speaks about love for God and His purposes.  He has consumed us and every day is to be lived in the knowledge of the love of God.

Selfless Love – We love without thought of selfish gain.  It stopped being about us when we accepted Jesus.  We died to self so Jesus could love through us.  We love both God & people this way.  This is at the heart of what it means to be a spiritual father and mother.  It is sacrificial and in service to others.

Wholehearted Commitment – We’re all in.  We don’t look to the right or to the left searching for another option.  There are no other options apart from Jesus.  It’s not hollow when we follow through in the hard times because we made a commitment.  It is our pleasure.  With all that we are we say, “It is an honor to follow you, Jesus!”  We are committed to His purposes and to those he has placed around us.  God has set us in a family and it’s not something we take lightly.  We are committed to the body.  We are a part of something bigger then ourselves and we realize that our actions affect each other.

Courageous Generosity – Generosity is about giving.  Giving time, money, energy, and our lives.  God might call us to give our selves to our neighborhood or a nation we’ve never heard of.  In all things we are those who give freely and readily;  always looking for opportunities to give and sow into the Kingdom.  We give with courage.  We give when it feels risky.  We do it afraid, if we have to.  If God calls us to give our lives to his purposes, courage leads our hearts and keeps fear at bay, so faith, hope, and joy will be our constant companions on the journey.

Intentional Empowerment – “Intentional” speaks to the quality of what we do. Its not something we just throw out there hoping that everything works out.  It’s thought through, it’s planned, it’s structured, and we take it seriously. “Empowerment” encompasses all that we want to do in ministry.  We want to develop, mature, encourage, strengthen, and release people into everything God has for them. It is also an inclusive word. No matter how far along you are on your journey with God you can always use more empowering.


Our Beliefs

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, authoritative, living, eternally reliable Word of God equally in all parts and without error in its original manuscript, absolutely infallible, and our source of supreme revelation from God, superior to conscience and reason, though not contrary to reason; and it is therefore our infallible rule of faith and practice and necessary to our daily lives (II Timothy 3:16-17; I Peter 1:23-25; Hebrews 4:12).

The Godhead

We believe in one God who has revealed Himself in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (Romans 1:20). The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all co-eternal, all stand equally superior to time, free from the temporal distinctions of past and future (FATHER – Deuteronomy 33:27; Psalm 90:2; Psalm 102:27; I Timothy 1:17; SON –John 1:1-2; John 8:58; Hebrews 1:8; I John 1:2; Revelation 1:8; SPIRIT – Hebrews 9:14).

We believe in God the Father, creator of all things visible and invisible (Colossians 1:15-16).

We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, who came into the world to reveal the Father, and was the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person; that Jesus Christ was the Creator of everything, for by Him all things were made. We further believe that in Christ dwelt all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and that He was very God and very Man (John 1:1-2 & John 1:14; I Timothy 3:16; Acts 7:37-38).

We believe in Jesus Christ’s pre-existence, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary and atoning death, bodily resurrection, bodily ascension into heaven, exaltation, present rule at the right hand of God, coming, personal return in power and great glory, and in His everlasting Kingdom and dominion (Acts 1:11; Acts 3:19-21; Daniel 7:14; Revelation 20:4). We acknowledge His Lordship — that Jesus Christ is Lord over all things in heaven and on earth, and under the earth (Philippians 2:9-10).

We believe in the Holy Spirit, His present ministry, His indwelling, His empowering, His impartation of gifts for today, and His transforming power in the lives of all believers (I Corinthians 12:4-11, Galatians 5:22-23).

Man and Salvation

We believe that man was created by a direct and immediate act of God (Genesis 1:26-27; Genesis 2:4).

We believe that man by transgression fell from a state of righteousness and holiness in which he was first created into total spiritual depravity, a state of death in trespasses and sins in which he is held as a slave of sin and an enemy of God. As such, he is unable to attain divine righteousness by his own efforts but must be redeemed and delivered by the power of the gospel (Romans 5:12-21; I Corinthians 15:1-4).

We believe that repentance and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ are an integral part of God’s work of justification of the believer. Through faith in the shed blood of Christ, he or she is justified and made a partaker in the death of Christ (Romans 5:1, Romans 5:9).

We believe that “it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God–not by works, so that no one can boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9). We further believe that the emphasis for a continuous walk in grace should be on demonstrating righteousness and purity of heart, believing in the keeping power of God, walking after the Spirit and not after the flesh, living a lifestyle that demonstrates the character, standards and convictions of Jesus Christ, and not being conformed to the world (Jude 1:24; Romans 8:25; Galatians 5:16-25; Romans 4:1-5; Romans 12:1-2).

We believe that repentance is dependent upon the convicting action of the Holy Spirit in the lives of sinners and believers and their response. The conviction of the Holy Spirit, which often accompanies the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, will result in the revelation of the sinfulness of self, which should lead to godly sorrow. Remorse, or worldly sorrow, is a feeling of deep regret, hopelessness or even despair. It does not lead to constructive change.

On the other hand Godly sorrow produces repentance which causes us to turn away from sin and selfishness and to receive faith for change. Repentance is evidenced by an earnest desire to change. Repentance changes the way we feel and act about sin, self and God. Repentance is a total change of mind, will and emotions, (II Corinthians 7:10; Psalm 51; Acts 11:18; II Timothy 2:25; Romans 1:18-32; Matthew 9:12-13).

We believe that in the final judgment, which will accompany the return of Christ, every person will give an account to God of every aspect of this earthly life. The Judgment Seat of Christ (Bema Seat) is the judgment of believers in reference to rewards or lack thereof. The Great White Throne Judgment is the judgment of unbelievers who will be eternally separated from God and in torment (I Corinthians 3:10-15; II Corinthians 5:10; Revelation 20:11-15).

The Lord’s Commands

We believe in the Lord’s supper and believer’s baptism as acts of our obedience and a testimony of our faith (Matthew 3:6; Mark 16:16; I Corinthians 11:23-29).

We believe that water baptism is necessary in obedient response to the command of Jesus. Baptism is to be performed only upon repentant believers in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:18-20).

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4; Acts 10:46; Acts 19:6. We hold that the real evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is one’s response to the Word of God (John 16:13), a Christ-like life, showing forth Christ’s character, and experiencing and manifesting the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit (John 15:26; John 16:14;Galatians 5:22-23; I Corinthians 12:4-11).

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Our History

Antioch Fort Collins

Antioch Community Church of Fort Collins was started in 2010 by a team of church planters led by Chris & Blair Mirabito who head the church today. Years ago Chris & Blair felt God calling them to Africa, where they spent 3 years church planting. At the end of those 3 years they felt God leading them back to the U.S. After seeking the Lord for further direction, God awakened a dream in their hearts to church plant in Colorado and pointed them toward Fort Collins. They had a simple vision to build a church of real people, transformed by the love of Jesus, bringing His kingdom to the ends of the Earth. Today that dream exists as Antioch Fort Collins.

Antioch International Movement of Churches

Antioch Community Church of Fort Collins is part of the Antioch International Movement of Churches based in Waco, Texas. We are a movement of churches connected by relationship and a desire to love God, love one another and love those who do not know Jesus, through the power and work of the Holy Spirit. The Antioch Movement, which began more than 20 years ago, is dedicated to seeing the local church reproduce the Kingdom of God through evangelism and discipleship throughout the United States and around the world. In 1987, a year-long intensive discipleship training school called Master’s Commission was established at Highland Baptist Church by Jimmy Seibert. The curriculum included nine months of Biblical ministry training in Waco, TX and a three month mission outreach overseas. In 1991-1992, four Master’s Commission graduates received additional training in cross-cultural missions and were sent out to start a church in Ulan Ude, Russia. The team began by starting cell groups and a weekly celebration service. In 1996, the church was successfully planted and turned over to national leadership. Svet Mira, or Light of the World, continues to flourish today and is involved in training and sending its own church planters. In 1993, another wave of church planting teams located in nearby cities… including Irkutsk, Siberia and Ulan-Bator, Mongolia. In April of 1995, the organization, which had incorporated in 1993, was renamed to Antioch Ministries International (AMI), and the Master’s Commission school changed its name to Antioch Training School (ATS). While AMI’s President, Jimmy Seibert, and the other ministry leaders were gaining valuable ministry experience on staff at Highland Baptist Church, the training and sending process continued to flourish under AMI. In 1999, the Elders at Highland blessed Jimmy and any current church members to join him in planting a church in Waco with a specific ministry vision for reproducing cell-based churches around the world. Antioch Community Church’s (ACC) first public service was held June 6th, 1999 in a local fairgrounds exhibit hall with approximately 400 people. At the same time, ACC began renovating an abandoned grocery store to use for its celebration services and offices. During that time of renovation, services were held in different locations throughout the city, culminating with three months of “church on the parking lot” complete with “bring your own lawn chair” to sit on. In 1998, AMI sent out its first U.S. church planting team to Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, other teams have landed in downtown Dallas, Knoxville, Portland, Seattle, Belton (TX), and Wheaton (IL) with a burning desire to see reproducing churches established in these areas.