What To Expect

Common Questions about coming for the first time on a Sunday:

Q: What do you do at a service?
A: Our service is pretty straightforward. There are people available at the door to direct you. Someone will let everyone know when it’s time to begin and share a few announcements about what’s going on throughout the week. After that we worship (by singing songs to God) and then finish up with a teaching from the Bible.

Q: What’s your worship like?
Here at Antioch we strive to create a worship environment which welcomes you into an encounter with Jesus. Whether you haven’t attended a church before or if you’ve been a Christian your whole life there’s a place for you here!

We don’t celebrate a certain style or expression of worship. Rather, we celebrate Jesus!

When you’re with us feel free to get up, sit down, dance, shout, or sing. Let’s worship Jesus together!

Q: What songs do you sing?
A: Check out this playlist for some songs we’ve been enjoying together recently!

First Love
Praise Will Be My Song
Take Courage
King Of My Heart

Q: Is there anything for my kids?
A: Absolutely! Come check out our Kid’s ministry!

Q: What will people be wearing?
A: Our service has a casual atmosphere. Most people dress like they do any other day of the week. Come as you are!

Q: What if I don’t know anyone?
A: Don’t worry! People at Antioch are a friendly bunch. Our services are structured, but relaxed, there will be plenty of time to meet people.

Q: What do you believe?
A: You can check out Our Beliefs for detailed information.

Q: Where do you meet?
A: Click here to get directions.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any more questions.