Vision “We believe that every college student is made to change to world with Jesus”

With a strategic focus on community, discipleship, and missions, we give college students the chance to make deep friendships, discover God’s purpose for their lives, and explore how He is moving in the nations. College Life Groups meet in houses and apartments around campus every week so students can make friends and get in the presence of God together. This is where real community is lived out and where we seek to be and make disciples. Jump in a life group and join us on the journey!

Life Groups – Life Groups are the heart of our church where students meet with Jesus and are the best avenue to get involved at Antioch. These groups are student lead, meet every week, and provide a space for students to get in the presence of God and get transformed, living out their faith day by day with one another, and understanding the mission Jesus invites all believers to live.

Discipleship – Discipleship is the essence of our college ministry. We believe that you aren’t made to follow Jesus on your own! Having someone invest in your life gives you a space to ask questions, be encouraged, and in return, learn how to invest in those around you!

Missions – As we get in the presence of God and get transformed, we believe that we are responsible for the gospel getting to those in our city, our nation, and the nations of the earth! Our mission opportunities include:

Awaken – Every Spring Break, our college ministry goes on a mission trip together to Tijuana, Mexico to partner with a church in the Antioch Movement.  If you come along, you will absolutely know Jesus more.  Every morning we spend time in the presence of Jesus. We encounter Him, worship Him, and love Him.  We spend our afternoons sharing the gospel, serving the church, and loving the locals.  We see Jesus move in amazing ways and see multiple healings and miracles every year. All you have to do is sign up! Awaken is absolutely one of the biggest highlights of our year…we encourage you to join us for this life-changing week!

Impact Trips – Every summer, we send student lead trips around the world for two to three weeks. We work with different Antioch Church Plants, sharing the gospel, loving the locals, and mobilizing the local church in the region.