In today’s world, it can feel like we are facing an endless list of challenges: how to prioritize and experience healthy relationships, raise our children, and make ends meet. At Antioch we believe by learning to pursue God together, families can thrive and change the culture around them rather than be changed by it and indeed become change agents in society. Whether you are married or unmarried, raising kids, or an empty-nester, we have a Life Group that is perfect for you!

At Antioch Community Church, we are eager to partner with parents and equip you to be the primary spiritual leader in your child’s life.  This is why we have seek to have a Church + Home partnership by providing practical tips for fostering faith in your child at home along with key events for your family to plug into at our church.

At Antioch, we have 14 biblical concepts our kids and youth ministries aim to see your child experience during his or her time at Antioch:

Checkpoint 1: God Loves Me and I Can Experience Him
Providing safe environments where kids can learn to trust and experience God’s love and character in a variety of ways (Nursery and Preschool).

Checkpoint 2: The Big God Story
Learning core Bible stories and memorizing basic Scriptures every week (Preschool and The Journey • 1st-3rd grade).

Checkpoint 3: Invitation for Salvation
Focusing on opportunities to invite kids to follow Jesus (The Journey • 1st-3rd grade).

Checkpoint 4: Learning to Live like Jesus
Hearing God, valuing others and building character according to the example of Jesus (1st – 5th grade).

Checkpoint 5: Kingdom Contributors
Discovering individual part in The Big God Story (4th-5th grade).

Checkpoint 6: Life with God
Learning how to live in relationship with God through internal devotion and external discipline (4th-5th grade).

Checkpoint 7: Church Life
Learning how to live in and contribute to the Body of Christ (4th-5th grade).

Checkpoint 8: Healthy Relationships
Establishing intimacy with God, good communication with family and authentic same-gender friendships (Junior High • 6th-8th grade).

Checkpoint 9: Identity Ownership
Establishing a firm identity in Christ as a daughter or son of the Father (Junior High • 6th-8th grade).

Checkpoint 10: Nurtured Callings
Envisioning for God’s purpose and personal calling by exploring service and spiritual gifts (Junior High • 6th-8th grade).

Checkpoint 11: Owned Faith
Moving from inherited faith to trusting God is who He says He is and that He will do what He says He will do regardless of circumstances (High School • 9th-12th grade).

Checkpoint 12: Embodied Character
Establishing freedom from the destructive nature of sin with the help of the Holy Spirit, accountable relationships and healthy personal choices (High School • 9th-12th grade).

Checkpoint 13: Equipped for Personal Calling in God’s Global Purposes
Spending time with God on a daily basis, being a positive contributor to the Body of Christ and being a Kingdom witness in spheres of influence (High School • 9th-12th grade).

Checkpoint 14: Honorable Relationships
Learning humble submission in order to build God-centered relationships without selfish regard toward all ages and genders (High School • 9th-12th grade).

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