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The work of protecting the vulnerable and bringing justice and restoration to the oppressed is integral to the work of the gospel, and our churches will come alive as we tangibly live this out in our communities. Unbound was born out of the Antioch International Movement of Churches, and each Unbound Office started out as a grassroots ministry within a local church.

Unbound Ministries around the United States are working in three main areas:
  1. MOBILIZE THE CHURCH: Churches are made up of brilliant people with unique skills and areas of influence. What if all of these members were mobilized to prevent, identify and respond to human trafficking, in their worlds? Whether a parent equipped to protect their kids or a doctor trained to identify the signs of human trafficking, our church members can be mobilized for a vital role in the fight.
  2. PARTICIPATE IN UNBOUND GLOBAL: Unbound is supporting hundreds of human trafficking survivors across the world each year. Unbound ministries are invited to have global impact, bringing freedom and restoration to communities around the world.
  3. SUPPORT LOCAL EFFORTS: Unbound Ministries mobilize church members for tangible community impact by supporting local efforts. Not only does this give a great community service opportunity for church members, but it also shows the community that the church is active in caring for the oppressed.

UnboundNow Fort Collins

Unbound is here to fight back!



Things happening this year: 2023
  • Bringing awareness to Fort Collins that Human trafficking is happening here in our backyard, no longer allowing us to have a blind eye to the issue.
    • Hosting fundraisers sponsoring UNBOUND NOW
      • Like: Concert, local art show and 5k
  • Provide a training program for our volunteers to be informed
  • Going to local schools and colleges to teach on Human Trafficking and how to stay safe while noticing warning signs.
  • Joining local business and current efforts happening here in Fort Collins to fight against the injustice of Human trafficking.

What can I do to help?

You can help by being aware of human trafficking and the signs to look for. If you ever suspect human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or Colorado’s 24/7 hotline 1-866-455-5075 or TEXT 720-999-9724. Never approach a potential trafficker or trafficking victim, for your safety and the safety of the victim. In emergencies, call 9-1-1.

What to look for:


  • Not free to come and go Not in possession of money, ID or documentation
  •  Works excessively long or unusual hours
  • Owes a large, un-payable, growing debt
  • Recruited through false promises
  • Lacks access to basic needs or medical care
  • Shows signs of violence or assault
  • Lacks knowledge of whereabouts


  • Hiding bruises, scars, marks or tattoos
  • Frequent movement or unstable housing
  • Involvement in commercial sex industry
  • Being controlled or manipulated by another person


  • Skipping school, running away, or traveling a lot
  • Hanging out with a different group, talking differently, or dressing differently
  • Dating or spending time with someone much older
  • Sudden possession of expensive items like clothes, video games, purses or shoes
  • Using drugs or getting involved in a gang


Unbound provides prevention and awareness presentations and professional trainings to equip everyone in the communities we serve to join the fight against human trafficking


There are different opportunities to serve in our community revolving around the issue of human trafficking, it could be training, helping hosting big evets and fundraisers, and to join our prayer team.


Your gift can stop human trafficking and restore lives. Help this ministry grow forward.

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