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Antioch Fort Collins-- the movement

Antioch is a global family of churches committed to Jesus and His purposes. We value encountering God, life-on-life discipleship and missions through the local church. We are reaching the nations through church-planting and discipleship movements.

Easter Celebration

Join us this Holy Week as we celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection! 

Palm Sunday

Join us for an encounter Sunday as we worship the King of Kings!
8:45am & 10:30am

Good Friday

Good Friday commemorates the night that Jesus died. This will be a reflective, sombre service.

Easter  & Baptisms

Celebrate with us the resurrection of Jesus! Wanting to get baptized? Register today!
8:45am & 10:30am

ACTS 2:42-47

Life Groups are the core of who Antioch is. It’s where we experience authentic community and learn to grow as disciples of Jesus, disciples that intentionally invest in each other’s lives and reach out to others.

Get to know us.

In the summer of 2010, Chris and Blair, alongside a group of amazing friends started Antioch Church Fort Collins. Their journey in church planting started after graduating from college at Baylor University when they were introduced to Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas. Both being raised in Christian homes, their relationship with God took a significant leap forward after encountering this group of college students at Antioch. The more they learned to interact with God through the Holy Spirit, His word and His people, they were transformed. And they were in love. Both with each other and with now with God. So, fast-forward, they graduated from Baylor, got married, attended the Antioch Training School, sold all that they had, and moved to plant churches in North Africa. After living there for several years, learning the language, discipling a budding church, and starting their family, they felt clearly called by God to come back to the States and plant an Antioch church in Colorado. Now, with thankful hearts and a full house including their three kids, Jakin, Boaz and Bella, they call Fort Collins home.

Gathering Place & Time

Join us  Sunday at  8:45am or 10:30am! 

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