Here at Antioch Fort Collins, we practically walk out our beliefs through six core practices: abide, rest, community, generosity, justice, and discipleship. These six practices help us be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do as Jesus did.
“Abide” simply means to stay or remain. It’s because of our time with God that we are sustained for our days and bear his fruit.
When we rest, we are taking time to stop, worship, rest, and delight.
We are made for relationships, and in Jesus-centered relationships, we are pushed to look more like Jesus.
We intentionally choose to give our time, talents, and money for the sake of others. 
We partner with Jesus to step into the brokenness of the world as ambassadors of God’s kingdom.
Discipleship is Jesus-focused, Gospel-centered relationships for the purpose of training, growth, and obedience to God.