Need a life group?

Life Groups are where we experience authentic community and learn to grow as apprentices of Jesus. We meet in homes throughout the area based on our season of life. In Life Group, we encounter God, invest in each other’s lives, and dream together about ways to love God in Fort Collins and to the ends of the earth.

Want to serve?

Just as pillars are strategically placed in buildings in order to provide stability and support, so our volunteers play a crucial role in supporting the ministry that happens here. If you would like to become a Pillar and serve, please apply by clicking the button below.

Have a need?

We want to respond to and meet the needs within our own church family. How beautiful if we were able to be like the church in Acts 2:45, "They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need." Additionally, we have a food pantry open to anyone in the city.
If you have a need or want to hear about needs to pray and help meet them, join the group by clicking the button below.

Other community groups?

We also have a variety of community groups that periodically meet. These are anything from variously focused groups looking at following Jesus in specific contexts, like Courageous Motherhood, to people with a shared interest just supporting and connecting, like the AFC Pickle Ball Club.

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