Hearing God

PRACTICES. Follow along with each of these practices designed to help you hear God. Each of these practices are meant to bring you closer to Jesus in your relationship as an apprentice. We recommend that you work through them with a community of Jesus followers because community plays a vital role in our spiritual transformation. 
Hearing God begins with familiarizing ourselves with His character & nature. We discover these through experiencing Jesus in the Gospels.
God has created us for intimate friendship with himself, which is only possible when we make space to listen to his voice. 
By asking a simple set of questions as we read the Bible, we can discover the voice behind the words.
In Lectio Divina, the Bible is a meeting place to encounter the Living God by prayerfully rereading a passage.
Immanuel Journaling helps us become aware of God’s compassionate presence and hear him speak into our lives.
Through God’s Loving Gaze, we experience God’s nearness, love, and allow him to see and know us deeply.
The Examen is a prayer to help you process the day with the Lord and receive his mercy and rest anew.
Prophecy is a gift of hearing God for the building up, encouragement, and comfort for an individual or group.
Encouragement and exhortation are two ways we can hear the truth and hope of God through community.
God's glory is on display over all the earth, and we have the opportunity to hear Him through his creation.
Thanksgiving can be a way to create reminders of how God has spoken and moved in the past, giving opportunity for us to hear Him again.
Meeting with God face-to-face increased our depth of relationship with God. As a result, we grow in recognizing His voice.